All my FRENDS are Mermaids: Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween, FRENDS!

To join in on the holiday fun, we decided to create costumes inspired by our different headphone styles! We have more style options than ever, each being so unique and full of personality, so it ended up being a super fun DIY project.

First up is this gorgeous Mermaid makeup inspired by our Tahitian Pearl headphones. Both being beauties of the water, it was a no-brainer pairing the two! The headphone caps are made from genuine Tahitian Pearl, rich with various undertones & overtones of blue, purple and green, and accented with gold-tone metal, which we recreated in the makeup. {Shop Tahitian Pearl headphones >>}

Makeup by the oh-so-talented artist, Christina Aprile (@aprilechristina), and modeled by the gorgeous Lisa Marlier (@lisamarlier).

Do it yourself!

What you'll need: Primer, liquid foundation, concealer, finishing powder, bronzer / contour set, highlighting powder, eye shadow in purple and blue shades (plus green if desired), brown or clear mascara, loose glitter, pale pink matte lipstick, gold foil, fishnet stockings

Step 1, PRIMER: Apply primer to entire face. Conceal any problem areas, then apply foundation. 

Step 2, HIGHLIGHT: Dust highlighting powder on your cheekbones, as well as the bridge of your nose.

Step 3, SCALES: Carefully place a fishnet stocking (or wig cap) over head, covering your forehead and eyes. Using a makeup sponge or your finger, apply purple shadow over the fishnet stocking (*tapping is recommended), from inner eye crease out to hairline, and above eyebrows. Next, apply blue powder shadow to certain areas, over the purple shadow.

Step 4, GOLD FOIL: Using scissors or hands, carefully break the gold foil into small pieces (a few different sizes for variety is preferred). Apply each piece to forehead using tweezers. *Gold leaf will usually stick to the skin on its own, but adding a small amount of eyelash glue can't hurt (especially if you need it to last throughout the Halloween night!). For more sensitive skin, Vaseline, coconut oil and jojoba oil are alternatives to eyelash glue in helping the gold leaf stay in place.

Step 5, GLITTER: Lightly dab loose glitter on top of the gold foil and surrounding areas. We used light green and light purple colored glitter. 

Step 6, CONTOUR: Lightly blend bronzer on your cheekbones for contour effect. 

Step 7, LIPS: Apply a pale pink matte lipstick.

Step 8, FRENDS: Put on FRENDS Tahitian Pearl headphones and go trick-or-treating!

You look fab ;) 

Chris Norman
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